18. Aug, 2019

Sarah Horton (Carol's Daughter)

Hi Ladies. I'm looking forward to the next show and Darla's party. Honestly I can't wait to give Maja some more cuddles. I just adore her. I adore them all :)

16. May, 2019

Jennifer Creedon

Beautiful Danes....Aloha.

Website 27. Nov, 2018

melissa espinoza

Nice & lovely puppy.

2. Sep, 2018

Ben Rumse

Hello. I just met you at the Bridgewater bottleshop in the Adelaide Hills. Your dogs were gorgeous. I hope you do very well at the show.

Website 6. Jun, 2018


Your site is so interesting.

Website 6. Feb, 2018

Lisa Langley

Great webpage :)

Website 18. Aug, 2017


The dogs are so cute! Love!

Website 17. Aug, 2017

Vianey Job

I've learned a lot and am glad I was able to find your site!

Website 29. Jul, 2017


Felice fine settimana! Divertiti

Website 21. Jul, 2017


Thanks for the wonderful photos you take.

Website 7. Jul, 2017


I am so love the pictures you share, and very beautiful web design.

Website 27. May, 2017


cute dogs.

Website 16. Oct, 2016

Leanne Stone

Hi Guys I love your site, and the fact you put when/what you dogs are tested for. PGD is one of the pages I have seen you on, and you seem like amazing people and are amazing with your dogs. If I wanted to make an enquiry about the puppies due in December,
and what

you expect from someone who may take one- what is the best way to do that? Thanks :)

3. Mar, 2016

Robyn Eastman

Hi ladies,I am an ex Greatdane breeder who has been out of showing and breeding for a number of years now. My daughters interests took me to horses,now that my time is my own again I would very much like to go back to breeding and showing. I lost my last
boy at xmas2013 and I am ready to have another one of these beautiful Giants in my life again. I am interested in a black boy to show and breed from.Would you be happy to put my name on your waiting list for your litter due Dec2016?Regards Robyn Eastman