TuxDanes Front Page News (AI)


DOB: 20/11/20

Sire: DANTE de Bouleum (imp SRB) - Mantle

Dam: HildyDane Gorgeous Aussy Girl - Harlequin 

 IMGD - 

Leukoencephalomyelopathy -

Degenerative Myelopathy - 

Ichthyosis - 

Mucopolysaccharidosis VI - 

Elbows -

Hips - 

Thyroid -

Heart -

Eyes -

Bloat - 

****health testing to be done 2021/22***

Our keeper from our Dante x Aussy litter and our new home grown stud - we look forward to watching him grow and develop into the star that we know he is

Dante de Bouleum (imp Serbia)


DOB: 8th August 2015

Sire: Ch. Eoll Von Freya's Rosenrot - Mantle

Dam: Ch. Ambra - Harlequin 


Leukoencephalomyelopathy - CARRIER

Degenerative Myelopathy - pending

Ichthyosis - CLEAR

Mucopolysaccharidosis VI - CLEAR

Elbows - 0,0

Hips - B

Thyroid - CLEAR (2018)

Heart - CLEAR (2018) and CLEAR (2019)

Eyes - CLEAR

Bloat - 2 copies of TLR5, 0 copies of DLA88, 0 copies of DRB1

(dominant black, carries harlequin) 

DANTE HAS ARRIVED! As promised, he is a magnificent mantle, who is not only as good looking as his photos show, but so very charasmatic! We cannot thank Marija from De Bouleum Great Danes enough, for entrusting us with her gorgeous little-BIG man <3