Abby is our first ever pedigree dog here in Australia. She is our gorgeous Golden Retriever who we got from Dancingate Kennels in Perth. Martyna is Abby's primary care-taker and loves her old-bubba to pieces.

She is the matriarch of the household and all our dogs respect her. All our bubs are brought up with Abby and taught the ways of a well-rounded individual.

She is our honorary Dane and always comes out with the big-kids on family outings whether on GDLAWA walks or to the beach.

Our house would not be the same without Abby <3

***RIP 12/06/2006 - 29/08/2019***


Crystalquin Sheridan aka Maja, along with her sister Cc, are our first pair of breeding females, who we got from Crystalquin Great Danes in NSW.

Maja unfortunately had to be removed from our breeding program, as she has been diagnosed with hereditary glaucoma, which will cause her to loose her eye-sight - when, we will never known, but she is receving the utmost care and attention - and will stay with us as a member of the family.

Maja is known as the show-pony of the dog world, as she loves to prance around in the ring - Maja will continue to be shown till she is unable to be due to her condition, of which she will then attend as a spectator.


*Maja received  her Aust Neuter Champion title on the 04/02/2018!!!*

***Maja has now been rehomed and is enjoying her life in retirement***